Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chin Up!!

It's been a i am a new me..sadly, all this while i have been blinded by something unsure that i let go the real deal in front of me..i'm starting to open my heart to new things now..after all, i do have a lot of options i suppose.

going out with new friends, bake a lot more cakes and spending my time mostly in libraries on weekends is the new routine. i love my life. although it is not so much fun like i see others but i do feel i'm blessed enough to have so many great peoples around me.

Last 14 February , i met someone. a guy to be exact. while i'm doing my laundry.

yes, i know. some people may say it too fast, but meeting someone is the best way to forget the previous one. still in the process of getting to know him. We'll see how far can we go.

wanna know more about him?i'll update soon!hahahhahah

one thing for sure, he makes me smile every time reading his msg..funny guy..

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The End

Finally..i think it's time to let go! i have understood your messages loud and clear! you are somehow doesn't want to exist around me. I have crossed the border of lunatics and i have sacrifices my prides in my journey of finding you.

now i realized you don't want to be found, so no matter how hard i try still i can't seem to figure out where are you. so, it's time for me to let you go. i'm gonna find my own happiness not just waiting for you anymore.

i have come to my senses that we are not meant to be together. thank you for all the sweet memories that we have created together. thank you for being one of my friend that i found during my life journey.

Today marks our relationship. 5th of February 2014. This is the end. Although i cry my heart out, but this will be the last time i cry for you. Fly away my shuttersound, somehow in your life journey, if you choose to turn back and remember me..please remember all the sweet memories that we spent together. Do not forget our fight, because i will never will.

Although we don't have happy endings like we always talked about, but i believe that Allah has arrange what best for us. I hope you will always be happy and stay healthy. Although i've never get the chances to expressed my love for you, but i want you to know that you have always have that special place in my heart.

Thank you for making me happy..although it was only for a short was the best time of my life